AngularJS Services

Even if you’re utilizing a long-term support solution, it’s worth investing in the resources to future-proof your application by migrating to a modern tech-stack.

Not ready to migrate? Our team can help you upgrade to the latest version of AngularJS or help prepare your application for long-term support.

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Fully-Managed Migration

We’ll handle your migration to a supported framework from beginning to end.

Update to v1.8.x

Update to v1.8.3 to make migration easier or to extend support with XLTS for AngularJS.

Migration Support

Get blueprints for your in-house migration with consultation, training, or environment setup.

Why Migrate?

The cost to migrate only increases as additional vulnerabilities are found, your application grows, the web platform evolves, and developers shift their focus to newer technologies.

Security Vulnerabilities

AngularJS is becoming more insecure as bugs and vulnerabilities are discovered, but not fixed through official means.

Resource Scarcity

Development talent, tools, and libraries become harder to find as the industry moves on to more modern tech.

Increasing Costs

As developer talent becomes harder to find and AngularJS grows more unstable, today’s cost for your migration is the lowest it will ever be.

How We Can Help

Our team is the ideal partner to support your migration or update.

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Our experts are here to help

The developers and architects on our team are some of the most experienced in the industry. They’ve completed migrations across a variety of industries and domains and are trusted contributors to the Angular community.

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We’re dedicated to your success

Each member of our team is an expert in software engineering and is dedicated to solving the unique challenges provided by your application, prioritizing communication every step of the way.

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We deliver results faster

We can deliver streamlined results faster than an in-house team, enabling your team to focus on growth, not legacy code, and ensuring the success of your migration.

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Let’s Get Started

Reach out to our team to schedule a free, one-hour architecture review with one of our expert Angular architects. We’ll help you assess or refine your migration plan. No strings attached.


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