Announcing the AngularJS Material v1.1.10 Release

Michael Prentice
Jun 28, 2018

Dec 22, 2018

We have released AngularJS Material v1.1.10.

This release is now available in our Online Documentation, NPM, and Bower. It is also available on the Google CDN (JS, CSS).

You can find the details for all releases in our Change Log.


v1.1.10 should be our most stable release in many months. Here are some highlights:

  • Fixed four significant regressions to chips that were introduced in 1.1.2 and 1.1.9. Two of these were also a11y issues.

  • Fixed a memory leak when elements using md-theme are removed from the page

  • Fixed select to support selecting options by typing when the option contains a period (i.e. 255.255)

  • Improved dark mode theme support for menu-bar and datepicker

  • Fixed ripple animations getting stuck on iOS in certain situations

  • Fixed a couple layout issues

  • Significant improvements to the project’s documentation including 3 new demos

New Calendar Demo

Moment.js Datepicker Demo

This is a patch release with non-breaking changes (fixes and enhancements).

Bug Fixes

  • chips: editable chip gets removed after editing

  • chips: improve ability to receive focus on click

  • chips: regression where chips model gets out of sync with view

  • chips: unwanted re-focus of last chip after blur

  • compiler: remove dependency on AngularJS private API

  • datepicker: calendar panel theme supports dark mode in multi theme scenario

  • layout: allow flex-offset to be a child of layout-margin

  • layout: reduce layout CSS size by reverting some of #11247

  • menu-bar: md-menu-bar panel theme supports dark mode themes

  • nav-bar: missing [disabled] scss selector

  • ripple: fix iOS Safari stuck ripple issue

  • select: doesn’t search correctly when pressing period character

  • theming: md-theme leaks when child elements are removed


  • mdMaxlength: support use with required and ng-trim


  • datepicker: fix typos, general clean up, add calendar demo, add moment.js demos

  • dateLocaleProvider: add missing documentation for isDateComplete() and longDateFormatter()

  • virtual-repeat: fix typos, clean up, and clarifications

  • tabs: add link to tab docs, clarify the notes about nav-bar

  • select: clarify the behavior of the multiple attribute


Thank you to the contributors, especially the first timers, who helped with the v1.1.10 release:

AngularJS Material v1.1.10 Contributors

Michael Prentice
Jun 28, 2018

Dec 22, 2018