Announcing the AngularJS Material v1.1.11 Release

Michael Prentice
Dec 31, 2018

We have released AngularJS Material v1.1.11.

This release is now available in our Online Documentation, NPM, and Bower. It is also available on the Google CDN (JS, CSS).

You can find the details for all releases in our Change Log.


v1.1.11 is our largest release of 2018. This release focused on fixing a lot of high priority issues related to accessibility, performance, and cross browser compatibility.

Here are the highlights:


Tabs received a number of accessibility, cross browser support, and performance fixes. As part of this, there was a regression to md-center-tabs which can cause the tabs to not appear or to appear shifted to the right. This is being addressed and will be fixed in v1.1.12.

Also related to the above change to Tabs, if you use Tabs inside of a non-AngularJS Material dialog, you may see issues with the width of the tab content. You can resolve this by overriding the width of the md-pagination-wrapper. In v1.1.12, you will only need this override if using Tabs with pagination in a non-AngularJS Material dialog.

There also appears to be a regression to md-select when it is used with the multiple option and assigned an initial value. This can cause the label to not float, leaving it overlapping with the values. A fix is being worked on and will be included in v1.1.12.

We hope to have a v1.1.12 release out in mid-January.

Bug Fixes


  • autocomplete: add input-aria-label and input-aria-labelledby (#11412) (534beea), closes #10815

  • autocomplete: add support for input-aria-describedby (#11405) (a25a7df), closes #11004

  • contactChips: add basic support for md-separator-keys (#8142) (eb10b56)

  • slider: enable page up/down and home/end keyboard actions (#11517) (70654c3), closes #11515

  • tabs: allow specifying custom class names for tabs (#11332) (aa30ada)

  • theming: add ability to specify hues as options to defineTheme (#11428) (f776bf7)

Performance Improvements

This auto prefixing change reduced the minified CSS bundle size by 76 KB. You can find the breakdown of supported browsers here.


  • We’ve updated our home page to include more details about the browsers and versions that AngularJS Material supports.

  • We made many small tweaks to the docs to fix broken links, update URLs to the Material Design 2014–2017 Spec, and fix syntax and formatting.

  • We also made changes across the docs and demos to properly support dark mode themes.

  • a11y: audit of our entire docs and demos site to resolve most all of our accessibility issues identified by Lighthouse

  • icon: update our guidance for using SVGs and provided details about the new Material Design Icons tool

  • contact-chips: add docs for md-highlight-flags

  • highlight-text: add md-highlight-flags example

  • list: clarify the docs around md-avatar-icon

  • slider: add missing docs for APIs like md-vertical. Fix demos in IE11

  • input: fix issues with displaying the types in the docs. Add docs for md-select inside of md-input-container

  • select: add missing docs for md-option and md-optgroup

  • toast: add example of using locals to the custom toast demo

  • typography: fix URL for Roboto font and general cleanup of the guide


Thank you to the contributors, especially the first timers, who helped with the v1.1.11 release:

AngularJS Material v1.1.11 Contributors

Michael Prentice
Dec 31, 2018