Announcing the AngularJS Material v1.1.14 Release

Michael Prentice
Mar 18, 2019

We have released AngularJS Material v1.1.14.

This release is now available in our Online Documentation, NPM, and Bower. It is also available on the Google CDN (JS, CSS).

You can find the details for all releases in our Change Log.


This is a patch release that includes bug fixes and documentation improvements.

  • 1 memory leak, 2 regressions, and 5 other bugs fixed

  • Fixed an accessibility issue with md-nav-bar

  • Fixed linking to specific sections of the documentation site and specific demos

  • Build output (JS and CSS files) will be easier to compare from 1.1.14 onward

Known Issues

  • Somehow this release was deployed to NPM with a .git directory included in the published package. This can cause NPM to refuse to uninstall or update the package. We’re investigating and tracking this in #11684.

  • AngularJS 1.7.8 causes an issue with md-select where using required will unset the value of the model. This is being tracked in #11679.

  • In 1.1.13, we fixed an issue where the md-autocomplete would sometimes position the options panel on top even when there was no room in the viewport. Unfortunately, this meant that the options panel often defaulted to top position. We’re tracking this in #11656 and have merged a fix in PR #11670. This will be fixed in 1.1.15. In the meantime, you can use md-dropdown-position="bottom" as a workaround.

Bug Fixes

  • $mdInteraction: clean up events on $rootScope destroy. This fixes a memory leak when $mdDialog needed to be injected multiple times. This occurred most often in testing, but also effected certain apps that were creating/tearing down the app repeatedly.

  • icon: large SVG files can cause icon caching to hang. This fixes a regression where sites that use many, rich SVG icons could hang. This is part of an ongoing effort to provide more robust support for SVG icons.

  • input: placeholder hidden when there is also a label on IE11. This fixes a regression caused by a previous fix for placeholders in md-datepicker on IE and Firefox.

  • interimElement: don’t track elements that fail compilation. This fixes an issue with $mdDialog, and other interimElements, where an exception during to runtime compilation of the element could cause dialogs to stop responding. This occurred most commonly in apps that used nested or multiple dialogs.

  • nav-bar: non-selected tabs with anchors have invalid tabindex value. This fixes an accessibility issue where it is not possible to tab out of certain tabs using the keyboard.

  • panel: caching of panels by id is not working. This fixes an issue where our trackedPanels caching was working for md-tooltip, but not for md-panel.

  • progress-circular: show correct circle arc when changing from indeterminate to determinate mode. This fixes an issue where changing the md-mode at runtime could cause the arc to be off by about 90 degrees.

  • virtual-repeat-container: support horizontal scrollbar in vertical orientation. This fixes an issue where a horizontal scrollbar in a vertical list could cover up some of the final items in the list.


  • docs: properly format anchor names and hrefs. You should now be able to link to a specific demo (I.e. the new Autocomplete Repeat Mode Demo) or documentation section (I.e. AngularJS Material Browser Support). Previously these anchors just took you to the top of the page (prior to 1.1.13) or gave you a 404 (in 1.1.13).

  • radio-button: correct two misspellings of Latin names in the demo

  • colors: clean up Closure / JSDoc comments and types


  • build: make the build output deterministic and reproducible. Previously the ordering of content within our JS and CSS files changed each build. With this change, comparing the build output between releases will be a lot easier.

  • ci: we moved over to CircleCI from TravisCI in the previous 1.1.13 release


Thank you to the contributors who helped with the v1.1.14 release:

AngularJS Material 1.1.14 Contributors

Michael Prentice
Mar 18, 2019