Announcing the AngularJS Material v1.1.22 Release

Michael Prentice
May 4, 2020

Aug 3, 2020

This release is now available in our Online Documentation, NPM, and Bower. It is also available on the Google CDN (JS, CSS).

You can find the details for all releases in our Change Log.


This is a patch release that includes bug fixes.

  • A number of significant fixes for md-select including an a11y overhaul
  • Lots of important fixes for md-list
  • Fixes for md-autocomplete including a regression fix for md-not-found and some usability improvements

Known Issues

  • md-select using md-select-header closes on mouse click when not using multiple #11969. Will be fixed in 1.1.25.

Bug Fixes

  • autocomplete: loop options list when moving past first/last option with arrow keys (5228f23), closes #11766
  • autocomplete: md-not-found template is not styled properly (ce6e2ff), closes #11852
  • autocomplete: Move mouse enter and leave events to container (5b0c9ba), closes #11776
  • autocomplete: scroll to top of the list each time dropdown open (498c9ed), closes #10479
  • contact-chips: don't rely on debug info to get access to controller scope (2f77095), closes #11699
  • datepicker: md-open-on-focus fails when switching tabs with open datepicker (7a16778)
  • gesture: 'drag' gestures don't clean up touch action styles on parent (deb3dfc), closes #11147
  • list: dense lists cut off descenders of letters like gjqpy (0ab73bd), closes #8890
  • list: isEventFromControl() works on all browsers now (d537d25), closes #7937
  • list: primary action is fired twice on space/enter keydown (920018e), closes #11756
  • list: secondary actions give aria warning if text is in a span (90c8b8d), closes #6152
  • menu-bar: z-index not restored on menu close (4a4dde4), closes #11235
  • nav-bar: clicked nav item not focused or selected in some cases (4d4e0ac), closes #11747
  • select: overhaul screen reader support (928c71d), closes #10748 #10967
  • select: sanitize user input before searching options (#11855) (0ec0cc5), closes #11854
  • select: when using trackBy, trigger ng-change only when tracked property is different (ecd55d0), closes #11108
  • select: menuController not defined edge case in focusOptionNode() (b9d8322), closes #11885


  • vscode: add VSCode configuration and guide (#11879) (a8954df)
  • dialog: clarify promise rejection behavior in descriptions (#11889) (939f6c9), closes (#10130)
  • docs, README: remove Bower references, update GitHub and NPM icons. fix 'View Demo' button appearing for directives w/o demos (#11888) (5c75b12)
  • getting-started, home: updates to landing page and getting started. add Blank StackBlitz Demo starter (#11890) (d1a9976)
  • COMMIT_LEVELS: update guide to better describe the process and responsibilities (#11862) (38fe956)
  • BUILD: rewrote most of the guide (#11880) (4093953)


Thank you to the contributors who helped with the v1.1.22 release:

Splaktar marosoft oliversalzburg andrewseguin free-easy nathanael-bice
Splaktar marosoft oliversalzburg andrewseguin free-easy nathanael-bice
psamim qubiack
psamim qubiack
Michael Prentice
May 4, 2020

Aug 3, 2020