Announcing the AngularJS Material v1.1.24 Release

Michael Prentice
Jun 29, 2020

This release is now available in our Online Documentation, NPM, and Bower. It is also available on the Google CDN (JS, CSS).

You can find the details for all releases in our Change Log.


This is a patch release that includes bug fixes.

  • Fixes $mdPanel animation bugs
  • Datepicker now passes ng-model-options on to calendar so that they both use the same timezone settings
  • Fixes md-datepicker to work with a custom config via $mdDateLocaleProvider, including MomentJS

Known Issues

  • min-date validation in md-datepicker is broken for GMT+T timezones #11963. Planned for in 1.1.25.
  • md-select using md-select-header closes on mouse click when not using multiple #11969. Will be fixed in 1.1.25.

Bug Fixes

  • datepicker: support ng-model-options timezone w/ MomentJS and datepicker now passes ng-model-options on to calendar (12562b0), closes #11945 #10598
  • panel: animated panels never appear on the screen (e81e2e3), closes #11946
  • panel: inline transforms accumulate after each time the close animation runs (6322e98), closes #11946


Thank you to the contributors who helped with the v1.1.24 release:

Splaktar mmalerba
Splaktar mmalerba
Michael Prentice
Jun 29, 2020