Announcing the AngularJS Material v1.1.25 Release

Michael Prentice
Aug 31, 2020

This release is now available in our Online Documentation, NPM, and Bower. It is also available on the Google CDN (JS, CSS).

You can find the details for all releases in our Change Log.


This is a patch release that includes bug fixes.

  • Fixes a regression where md-select when used with the md-select-header attribute and without the multiple attribute, closes when clicking the filter input
  • Fixes date selection and min-date validation issues in GMT+X timezones

Known Issues

  • There is a regression that broke MomentJS custom format support. Fixed in 1.1.26 via PR #12006.

Bug Fixes

  • calendar, datepicker: fix date selection issues with GMT+X timezones (a897a67), closes #12000
  • datepicker: min-date validation is incorrect in GMT+X timezones (dd150fa), closes #11963
  • select: md-select-header closes on mouse click when not using multiple (b32b473), closes #11969


Thank you to the contributors who helped with the v1.1.25 release:

Splaktar jelbourn
Splaktar jelbourn
Michael Prentice
Aug 31, 2020