AngularJS Material 1.1.0-RC.X Privatization of Styles Reverted

Michael Prentice
Jul 15, 2016

If you are an AngularJS Material 1.x user, then you might have noticed that, while trying out the 1.1.0 release candidates, many of your CSS fixes and workarounds were broken.

You may have worked around this problem (I know I've spoken to and see many people doing this) by changing your styles to target the new "private" styles (i.e. the _md-visually-hidden class on md-tabs' md-tabs-dummy-wrapper) introduced in 1.1.0 RC.

The above mentioned md-tabs change.

I cautioned a number of people against this, pointing out that these are meant to be private styles which will see unannounced breaking changes.

Unfortunately, it turns out that these changes were far too disruptive and in some cases there was no work around outside of using the private styles. So these private style changes have all been reverted in master via this commit. These changes will be in the next 1.1.0-RC.6 build.

Commit that reverts these changes.

If you have already updated your entire application to rely on these private styles, then unfortunately, you will need to revert those changes as well in order to move to the final 1.1.0 release.

Note that this does not remove all private styles. There remain some styles, that existed prior to 1.1.0-RC1, that are still preceded with an underscore ("_"). These styles remain private and should not be used as breaking changes to them will not be announced.

The Good News

If your project is on the latest stable release (1.0.9), then your upgrade path to 1.1.0 should now be a bit smoother when 1.1.0 final lands.

Additionally, if you are trying out Angular Material, you should note that they are planning to include similarly denoted private styles.

Please read this post for additional details and to ask questions.

Michael Prentice
Jul 15, 2016